Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Manufactured in the USA

In Q1 2023 isikel will start production of high quality medical nitrile gloves.

The U.S. has experienced essential PPE shortages.

Between 2019-2020, the total annual global demand doubled from 290 billion to 585 billion. The increase in global demand is only going up year after year even after the COVID-19 pandemic is in the past. In fact 2021 will see a global production shortage of 165 billion gloves.

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic has exposed holes in our PPE supply chain.

Our 3-line nitrile glove factory in Katy, TX will be able to produce half a billion top-quality nitrile gloves per year.


  • Single use, disposable nitrile gloves
  • Non-Sterile
  • Natural Latex-Free
  • Chlorine-Free
  • Powder-Free
  • Ambidextrous
  • Bisque Finish
  • Aqua in color

Meets or Exceeds standards set by:

  • ASTM 6319 Physical Properties Testing – May 2022
  • ASTM 6978 Chemo Drug Permeation Testing – Aug 2022
  • ASTM 1671 Resistance to Viral Permeation – Aug 2022
  • ISO 10993-10 Irritation & Skin Sensitization – Mar 2022
  • ISO 10993-11 Acute Systemic Toxicity – Mar 2022
  • ISO 10993-23 Primary Skin Irritation – Mar 2022


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