Delivering a Better Surgery

isikel’s Off-Site Sterilization process helps maximize your SPD

Delivering a Better Surgery

Let isikel Meds Off-Site Sterilization process help maximize your SPD

Ten6 is a Houston-Based Orthopedic Tray Sterilization Service founded in partnership by Isikel, The Ternio Group, and Texla.

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Isikel Clinical Engineering is the first healthcare service subsidiary of the Isikel brand of medical distribution and manufacturing. Even as a startup, we have decades of experience, responsibility and will provide you the best team members to support repair of your clinical assets.

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Benefits for Surgeons

Quality of Life

Fewer delayed or cancelled surgeries

Risk Reduction

FDA accredited site with highly trained techs


Spend more time on the things that will grow your practice

Benefits for Providers

Risk Mitigation

We stop last minute instrument deliveries from threatening instrument quality

Cost Efficiency

A faster OR with shared pricing model that saves cost

Capacity Relief

Ortho and Spine cases have 3x as much impact on SPD as the OR schedule. Less burden on your SPD

Benefits for Manufacturers

Sales Performance

Focus on sales with less time spent delivering trays


No conflict with your 510k submissions

Inventory Performance

Increased visibility of your products

Provider Services